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Genealogical dictionary of families    -    1621-1799
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First name :

Sex :

Period of birth :
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Characteristic of the individual :

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A family name or xxx, which yields cases where the family name is missing, must be specified.
Likewise, xxx as a first name yields cases where the first name is missing.
The first name «anonyme» yields those cases where a child died before receiving its first name at baptism, having received only a provisional baptism (ondoiement).

You can use wildcards in a name or a firstname.
'%' operator matches any string of zero or more characters. It can be used as either a prefix or a suffix. (ex: 'goudr%')
'_' (underscore) matches any single character in a string comparison operation that involves pattern matching. (ex: '_an')

You can limit your research on the basis of the sex, period of birth or characteristic of the individual.

Rules for entering family names and first names

Name standardisation

family name-nickname associations