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> Access to the Data base
> A repertory of vital events (1621–1799)
> A genealogical dictionary of families (1621–1779)
> A repertory of couples and filial relations (1621–1799)

Access to the Data base

Please note: to access the data base as a subscriber, your browser must accept "cookies". This is necessary for the server to recognize you from one hit to the other once you have logged in.

The information of the data base is presented in three distinct, but interrelated, sections, described below. Click the button corresponding to the section you wish to consult first.

  >>Repertory of
vital events
 of couples
A repertory of vital events (1621–1799)

The Repertory of Vital Events includes the some 690,000 baptismal, marriage, and burial certificates registered in Catholic parishes prior to 1800. Are also part of the data some 45 000 burials of the 1800-1850 period extracted to better death information of people born in the first half of the XVIIIth century and more than 20,000 certificates of various other types: census records, marriage contracts, confirmations, lists of immigrants, and so on. The repertory reproduces, in a standardized form, the basic information contained in these documents: type, place of registration and date of the certificate; and the family name, first name, and characteristics of the individuals cited. Sophisticated search tools make it possible to find certificates by name of person (individuals or couples) and certificate characteristics (type, date, or parish).

A genealogical dictionary of families (1621–1779)

The Genealogical Dictionnary offers a reconstruction of the history of all families who settled in the St. Lawrence Valley, or roughly the current territory of today’s province of Quebec, from the beginnings of French colonization to the year 1779.

The dictionary is based on the linking of individuals to their baptismal, marriage, and burial certificates from Catholic parish registers for the period 1621–1765. 1621?1779. It contains the names of individuals who were born in or came to Quebec between 1621 and 1779, along with the names of their parents, spouses, and children. For each person, the dictionary gives date and place of birth or baptism, of marriage(s) (if applicable), and of death or burial, if it occurred before 1780. You can easily search the data base using names of people (individuals or couples), and you can further define your search by year of birth or marriage.

A repertory of couples and filial relations (1621–1799)

The Repertory of couples specifies for each spouse the names of his or her parents and the names of his or her other spouses, if applicable, with a link to these couples. In addition, a list of the couple’s children who married before 1800 is supplied, with a link to their first marriage. Thus, not only is the ancestry of the spouses throughout the period established automatically, but married descendants are also listed. Couples are accessed on the basis of their first and family names, using a search you can further define by year of marriage.

The three sections relate to the same events, individuals and couples, for whom the information is presented differently. A smooth navigation system allows to obtain, from one area to the other, the corresponding data.